Nvidia touts its latest graphical sorcery in ‘New Dawn’ tech demo

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

New Dawn

What a difference a decade makes for a lonely fairy.

Ten years ago, video card manufacturing company Nvidia introduced “Dawn,” a tech demo showcasing the capabilities of its GeForce FX graphics processor unit (GPU) via the agile acrobatics of a silent-but-blissful fairy. Although impressive, the demo suffered from hardware limitations preventing a more fully realized environment for the pirouetting pixie and resulted in a heavy reliance on bloom and depth-of-field effects — a novel approach, but it wouldn’t last long in an industry constantly redefining its visualstandards.

Now, Nvidia takes us for another visit into the enchanted forest with “New Dawn,” an updated demo featuring the same titular fairy showing off the might of the company’s powerful Kepler GPUs. Dawn teems with a bevy of visual improvements underscoring Nvidia’s major strides in graphics power over the years, including optimizations of her hair into looking “soft and silky as if…

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